With Es’hail-1 operational since 2013, Es’hailSat started providing much needed capacity for the growing demand for broadcast services, particularly HD and Ultra HD TV, in MENA.  

Es’hail-1 covers the whole MENA region from the key broadcast orbital position of 25.5° East. 

Using the broadcast hotspot of 25.5°/26° East allows viewers in GCC and North Africa to tune their receivers to Es’hail-1 now, and Es’hail-2 in the future, without the need to change or repoint their existing dishes and enjoy true HD-channels. 

Our Broadcast Services brings scalable technology platforms and solutions to the broadcast community through our state of the art teleport in Doha. The following services are available through Es’hailSat Teleport to support multi-channel operators or single channel operators in the broadcast sector:



25.5° / 26° East is the hotspot for DTH services in the MENA region. The Es’hailSat fleet allows viewers to receive a wide selection of local and international TV programming via a small, easily mounted satellite dish. Using high powered Ku-band payloads, the satellites support applications such as video on demand, interactive TV and high definition TV.


Broadcast Distribution

Through the Teleport in Doha, Es’hailSat provides a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content. We offer satellite capacity for contribution services which are invaluable to our customers for activities such as:

  • Backhauling material from studios for redistribution
  • Satellite transmission from outside broadcasts
  • Overcoming connectivity gaps in remote or rural areas


Up-linking and Down-linking

We provide satellite uplink / downlink services to suit the needs of the broadcasting community. The services are complemented by a 24 X 7 operational support service. The service availability is further enhanced by full redundancy in the deployed equipment and through diverse fiber optic routes operating from customer premises to the teleport.


Occasional use

Communications links are a vital part of any broadcast network, from news and events gathering to distributing the final content. With more global events covered in HD and in UHD, our high-performance satellites give you the extra capacity you need quickly and easily. 

We provide you with satellite technology for reliable and secure transmission links. Our satellite network provides occasional use and full-time links wherever and whenever they are needed within MENA, no matter how remote the location. 



Where transmissions through a satellite or through terrestrial links require retransmission via another satellite or fiber network, we provide quick turnaround on our transmission and broadcasting services.

Just as in all our communications services, our commitment is on continuity, performance and resilience. Our turnaround services are available on Ku and Ka band to the whole MENA region. 



To satisfy the business needs of corporate customers, Es’hailSat provides high quality end-to-end solutions for internet & data connectivity.

Leveraging facilities at the Es’hailSat Teleport and Broadcast Centre, Es’hailSat is able to provide a range of services and solutions tailored to the needs of our telecommunications customers.


Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

Es’hailSat allows customers to link multiple locations with high speed, reliable and secure satellite VSAT communication networks.

These networks enable corporations and governments to build networks that span vast areas in a simple and cost effective manner. 


Cellular Backhaul

Es’hailSat offers its customers cellular backhauling services via satellite.

Through these expanded cellular networks, customers and governments will be able to provide a wide range of telecommunications solutions to consumers that include 2.5G, 3G and 4G.


Maritime/Oil & Gas

Es’hailSat satellite services are the foundation for service providers specializing in serving communications to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries.

End users in these mission critical sectors demand robust, high availability communication networks that can be relied upon 24x7.


IP Trunking – IP over Satellite Transit (iPOST)

Es’hailSat’s iPOST service provides customers with flexible bandwidth for internet connectivity, by linking remote sites to a multi-homed internet backbone.

Through iPOST, Es’hailSat is able to offer a scalable solution tailored to the customer’s bandwidth requirements to meet current and future demand. 



For government users, Es’hail-1 enables mission-critical communications that can be established quickly and securely. 

The satellite carries a multi-transponder Ka-band mission dedicated to these users with coverage across the whole MENA region, making it possible to establish secure and dedicated telecommunication services including broadband internet access, corporate networks and similar services using small fixed or mobile antennas.

Continuity of service and expansion are important for business communications and Es’hail-1 will soon be followed by Es’hail-2, bringing additional capacity to support the expansion of services at the 25.5°/26° East orbital position.

The satellite will also provide greater capability for anti-jamming protection and redundancy and back-up for Es’hail-1.

Es’hailSat’s world class teleport provides hosting services with a Tier 3 infrastructure. 


New Teleport

The new Es'hailSat state-of-the-art teleport in Doha provides a range of teleport services including back up studios for TV channels and disaster recovery.  


Antenna Hosting

Es’hailSat has a large antenna farm that can host an extensive number of antennas of various sizes. Adequate space has been allocated for the expansion of the antenna farm if needed in the future. 


Private Data Center Suite

If you are looking for your own dedicated, customizable, end-to-end data center solution, Es’hailSat can provide Dedicated Data Center Suites.

This option offers customers the benefit of managing their own metered power, environmental controls, and connectivity, with a higher level of privacy, security and flexibility as well as the dedicated infrastructure options for maximum control. 


Partial cabinet 

If you want the peace of mind offered by a colocation facility, but don’t require a full cabinet or suite, Es’hailSat colocation services offer options ranging from single rack unit, quarter cabinet or half cabinet, with the ability to expand your space as needs grow. 


Full Rack

Full Rack is another aspect of our colocation services and is a cost-effective solution for housing your equipment in individual locking cabinets. Your cabinets, provided by either our company or yours, will be accessible 24×7 only to authorized personnel.

In order to promote and foster space technology development in Qatar, Es’hailSat has initiated the development of new technology for the Qatar Amateur Radio Society. 

With the provision of two transponders on the Es’hail-2 satellite for an Amateur Satellite Radio payload, this ground-breaking project is expected to provide an exciting new phase of activity for radio amateurs in the 21st century.

Es’hail-2 will provide the first Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) geostationary communication capability that connects users across the visible globe in one single hop and in real-time. It will allow also the AMSAT community to validate and demonstrate their DVB standard. 


Es'hail-1 is a Space Systems/Loral 1300 satellite which was launched on 29th August 2013

Es’hail-2 is a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation satellite and it was launched on the 15th of November 2018.

Ku-band and Ka-band capacity

Leading hotspot location for TV broadcasting and SNG applications

Located at 25.5°E/26°E, covering the whole of the Middle East and North Africa region