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01 August 2015
Solving The Challenges of Interference for MENA Broadcasters

The IRG Group has achieved a number of accomplishments, including the widespread adoption of Carrier ID in time for the 2012 Olympics, resulting in satellite operators achieving an interference-free Olympics.  

With Qatar hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we are taking undertaking a number of initiatives including installing a Carrrier demodulator at our CMC and recommending and encouraging our customers to use Carrrier ID as part of our cooperation within the IRG community.

The IRG organizes a series of Satellite Interference Reduction Workshops for satellite operators in multiple regions of the world and a Webinar offering advice to help broadcasters put in place measures to reduce the effects of interference.

Es’hailSat currently broadcasts premium content for news and sports channels such as Al Jazeera and beIN SPORTS. 

Both Es’hail 1 and Es’hail 2, scheduled for launch in 2016, have been designed with the most advanced anti-jamming capabilities to meet the needs of the MENA market.