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About Es'hailSat

A Qatar Satellite Company

Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, headquartered in Doha, Qatar, is a prominent player in the satellite industry. Established in 2010, the company has been at the forefront of managing and developing Qatar’s space presence, leveraging cutting-edge innovations to provide advanced satellite services globally.

With a vision of becoming a truly global satellite operator and service provider,Es’hailSat has embraced modern advancements in the industry. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, the company offers independent, high-quality satellite services that cater to the evolving needs of broadcasters, businesses, and governments across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond.

Building on this success,

Es'hailSat introduced its second satellite, Es'hail-2

Es'hail-2 which was launched in 2018. Positioned at the 26° East orbital location, Es'hail-2 not only expanded the company's service portfolio but also capitalized on modern satellite industry innovations. These include advancements in satellite technology such as improved power efficiency, and enhanced data throughput, allowing Es'hailSat to deliver even higher quality and more reliable satellite services to its growing customer base. Innovation in the form of anti-jamming capabilities and steerable spot beams ensures that Es’hailSat has one of the youngest and most advanced satellite fleets across the entire Middle East and North Africa region. Es'hailSat's commitment to innovation extends beyond its satellite fleet. The company has embarked upon the evaluation and incorporation of emerging technologies such as satellite constellations (NGSO), Earth Observation (EO) analytics and Direct-to-Device (D2D) enabling it to meet the increasing demand for data-intensive applications, including broadband internet services, video streaming, and telecommunication solutions. By adopting new technology, Es'hailSat aims to significantly expand its capacity and coverage capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity for users across the MENA region and beyond.

Furthermore, Es'hailSat actively collaborates with other satellite operators and industry stakeholders to explore groundbreaking initiatives like Non-geostationary satellite constellations (NGSO), which involve deploying multiple interconnected satellites to create a web of global coverage. These constellations have the potential to revolutionize communication networks, providing ubiquitous connectivity, low-latency data transfer, and real-time global access.

As the satellite industry continues to evolve, Es'hailSat remains at the forefront, leveraging modern innovations and technologies to meet the ever-growing demand for advanced satellite services. With integrity, reliability and focus on continuous development as our core values, Es'hailSat is poised to shape the future of satellite communications, driving connectivity, and bridging the digital divide across the globe. Es'hailSat made a significant impact with the launch of its first satellite, Es'hail-1, in 2013, positioned at the 25.5° East orbital location. This groundbreaking satellite revolutionized the broadcast landscape in the region, empowering key broadcasters such as beIN SPORTS and Al Jazeera Media Network with enhanced coverage and superior transmission capabilities.


Knowledge Building
and Skills Development

Es’hailSat has made significant investments in capacity building and skills development since its inception. Recognizing the importance of nurturing talent, the company has prioritized the training and development of its staff.

By investing in training programs and collaborations with industry leaders, Es’hailSat ensures that its team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to drive innovation and deliver world-class satellite services. These initiatives not only contribute to the professional growth of the staff but also strengthen the company’s overall capabilities in the rapidly evolving satellite industry.

Es’hailSat’s profound knowledge and operational experience in the satellite industry enable the company to play a vital role in promoting greater self-reliance and sustainability.By leveraging its expertise, Es’hailSat contributes to the development of Qatar’s capabilities in satellite technology, supporting the nation’s drive towards self-sufficiency. Recognizing the importance of nurturing local talent, Es’hailSat has taken proactive measures to invest in the education and training of Qatari students. The company has sponsored numerous Qatari school graduates who have enrolled in engineering degree programs specializing in satellite communications. Through these sponsorships, Es’hailSat aims to cultivate a core expertise in satellite technology within the nation, nurturing future leaders who will drive innovation and contribute to the growth of Qatar’s space industry.

These initiatives not only empower individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge but also ensure the sustainability of Qatar’s satellite industry by fostering a pipeline of capable professionals. By developing local talent, Es’hailSat strengthens the foundation of satellite technology expertise within the nation, fostering a self-reliant ecosystem that can adapt to future challenges and drive sustainable growth.
Through its comprehensive approach to capacity building, knowledge transfer, and talent development, Es’hailSat strives to establish a legacy of excellence in satellite technology within Qatar. By creating a pool of skilled professionals and future leaders, the company lays the groundwork for continued progress, innovation, and self-reliance in the field of satellite communications.