Request for Information

    Law No. (9) of 2022 in the State of Qatar regulating the right to obtain information grants you a general right to access information held by Es’hailSat. We will assess and respond, where appropriate, to all such requests under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law.

    Information requester’s details

    Type of Request

    The desired means of receiving the information.

    Will the information requested be published?

    Please note that information obtained upon request may not be published except with the relevant authority's approval


    If your request is approved and you obtain the information, you pledge to the following:

    1- Use the information for legitimate purposes.

    2- Do not distort the content of the information.

    3- Indicating the source of the information and the date of publication.

    4- Do not use the information to offend others or harm the public interest.

    Important information

    • If the request is rejected, requester may file a grievance to the President & CEO of Es’hailSat within thirty days from the date of notifying them of the result. The President shall decide on the grievance within a period not exceeding fifteen days from the date of its submission.