Fadaat Media expands services with Es’hailSat on Es’hail-1 Satellite

January 9, 2024

Video Contribution Services added to Fadaat Media’s Portfolio

Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, is proud to announce growth in their partnership with Fadaat Media Group by adding Video Contribution services to their portfolio on Es’hail-1 satellite located at the 25.5⁰ East hotspot covering Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. These are additional services to a multi-channel, multi-year deal between Fadaat Media and Es’hailSat which includes satellite television broadcasting and connectivity from Es’hailSat’s Teleport to Fadaat Media’s facilities in Lusail, Qatar.

The entities benefiting from this service include the Alaraby TV Network’s two channels, Alaraby TV, the news channel, and Alaraby2, the cultural entertainment channel, along with Syria TV in Istanbul.

Es’hailSat provides satellite, broadcast, teleport and managed services from Doha, Qatar and brings to this relationship more than 12 years of experience in catering to broadcasters, telecommunication companies, enterprises, mobility applications and governments across the Middle East and North Africa. Es’hailSat’s infrastructure including two satellites at 25.5/26 East together with our 50,000 sqm teleport facility provides reliable and robust connectivity services.

Fadaat Media Group is considered one of the largest regional media networks in the Arab world, with millions of audiences through its various platform. Besides investing in print, visual, and new media fields, the group seeks to explore new horizons for spreading knowledge, open constructive communication channels with the Arab masses, and provide advanced services in traditional and digital media sector. The Group most prominent channels are Al Araby Television Network, Syria TV, and Al-Araby Al-Jadeed Newspaper and Website. s

“Es’hailSat is delighted to provide video contribution services to Fadaat Media Group and expand upon the various services already provided to the Arab region’s premier broadcaster at our satellite hotspot.” said Mr. Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, President and CEO, Es’hailSat. “We believe that the growing needs of Fadaat Media Group are best served by the expanding list of products and services that Es’hailSat continues to provide as a satellite operator and service provider.”

Mr. Moayed Dib, CEO, Fadaat Media Group, said: We are delighted to expand the partnership with Es’hailSat, which will offer more diverse options. We are confident in Es’hailSat dedication to delivering the best solutions for advancing broadcasting and content management, to ensure flexible and reliable services for its customers.

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